Raising the Bars            

As I finished off the last blog post, I realize I left you at a little cliff hanger. Where did the rest of the money come from? I gave you the details on my dad, the roofing contractor, and the park and the closure, and the eighties movie style situation I was in trying to raise money to save my park. The answer turned out to be pretty simple. The last of the money came from my mom. Myay-21399070-digitaly dads insurance policy paid out, and my mom took the last close to two thousand I needed and put it into the jar for me to wake up to. She said that she knew my dad would want me to put some of the money towards the park, to maintain the place that we shared so many memories. I cried a lot that day, thinking about the past, and every memory that hung on every bar, rode on every swing, and played in the sand of my youth.

I brought the money to the councilman feeling proud of myself. Through a lot of hard work, and some luck out of bad luck, I managed to get the wish fulfilled. That spring the contractors came to work on the park. They freshly updated everything. They even added a little house for kids to play in, with the roof done by a professional roofing contractor, which felt pretty good. Like a piece of my dad was involved. They even renamed the park after my dad, as a large donation came in his honor. It was suiting, and made me feel proud to be his son.

Since that point, I have made it my life’s goal to bring that feeling to as many people as possible. To give people that location that they could formulate their own memories, and make their own attachments. I lobby councils across the state and the country to add these places of growing to their wards. To allow kids to know the magic of growing up with a place that’s all their own. I still go back to the park in my neighborhood. I got our old house when my mother passed, and I figured it suiting that I stayed near the park, and near all the memories. I still have a park fund jar on top of my fridge that my family puts money into every now and then, to assist places with upkeep costs all around the state.

Though there are some painful memories attached to my park, and my name is still one that’s hard to come up with a catchy rhyme for, I am proud to say that I am Erwin for Parks, and that I help people all across the country. It may not make me rich, but helping to enrich lives around me is payment enough. From roofing contractors to their kids, I am pleased to help bring you a place that you can make your own, and make your own memories within.

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